5 Reasons Why you Should Send Your Child to Camp this Summer

For the past 5 years we have sent our kids to Summer Camp at Ontario Pioneer Camp in Port Sydney, Ontario.

Some of our friends think we’re a little bit nuts to just drop our kids off 3 hours from home and leave them there for a week to “fend for themselves”.  Others think it’s a fabulous experience for the kids and I agree.

Here is why we send our kids to camp every Summer and think you should too:

1.  Create Independence – Being away from home can’t help but foster independence in your child.  Our son left for camp his first year as a shy boy and came back a confident and social kid that could’t wait to go back to school.

2.  Let them experience new things – Summer camp gives a great variety of new experiences for your child.  From archery and high ropes to group campfires and trying new foods.  At camp, there is no lack of new experiences year after year

3.  Make great Summer memories – The memories they will make will be so special and endless.  Believe it or not, this rock has special memories for my son as this is where he would go his first year to reflect on his day and think of home.  For the past 5 years he makes a point of visiting “his rock” when at camp.  There are SO many other memories that he adds to his list year after year

4. Step outside their confort zone – Being away from home is already out of their comfort zone but sleeping in a cabin with no solid walls takes that a little further.  But guess what?  The kids think it’s a blast!!!

5.  Make friends that will last a lifetime – Each year the kids will make new friends and catch up with the ones that they met the years before.  One of the best things is the great counsellors they meet and help make their week at camp awesome.


BONUS – A week without KIDS!!  Kinda like a week-long date night!!

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