Choosing a Campground and Campsite

Have camping on the list of things to do this summer with your family? Choosing the campground that is right for your family will make all the difference in your camping experience.

Some things to consider when choosing a campground:

Distance – Depending on whether you are seasoned campers or going for your first time choose how far away you want to travel.  Take into consideration how far you would be willing to travel in the middle of the night should a big storm roll in and you want to go home. Length of stay – Does the campground offer enough to keep your family entertained for the duration of your trip Needs of your family – Does the campground have all the amenities that your family wants i.e.. Beach, pool, playground, snack shop, kids activities, hiking trails, bathroom amenities… Word of mouth – Ask around to friends and family to see what Campgrounds and sites they recommend.  Word of mouth is always a great way to go! Family-Camping Check out the online campground locators available to help you find a great campground that fits all your needs. Camping in Ontario‘s website offers a great interactive campground locator where you can search by region, amenities or keywords. allows you to search for campgrounds in Provincial Parks alphabetically, by region, proximity and by services.  


Some things to consider when choosing your campsite:

The land – Look for a site that is level and has some grass cover if not fully grassed.  A sandy site means sand, sand everywhere and really do you want to be sweeping out the tent for your entire trip? Tree cover – It is important that your site has some tree cover so you can get some relief from the hot sun Traffic – Try and stay away from sites at the front of the park as they will most likely see the most traffic.  Also, avoid getting a site that borders on a busy road or train track outside the park that could create extra unwanted noise. Bathrooms – Being near a bathroom may sound like a good idea for those late night, half asleep hikes for a bathroom break but keep in mind the foot traffic that will be coming by your site at all hours and not to mention the possible stench. Now if you have a child you are potty training at the time consider bringing a portable potty. Pool/beach – Yes you want to be close enough to walk to the water but keep in mind that proximity to water can also be dangerous when you have little ones.  Picking a site that is a safe, walkable distance is probably your best bet. Playground – Many campgrounds have playgrounds to entertain the little ones.  Being close to the playground is probably a good idea as they will likely want to visit it numerous times a day original Okay you’ve selected your campground and campsite now you need to decide what to bring. Check out these great Camping Checklist from Ontario Parks and Coleman Canada