It’s Ear Piercing Day

I fully remember the day  when I got my ears pierced.  It was my sister’s 10th Birthday and I was on my way to get my ears pierced.  I don’t remember my sister being bitter but probably more excited that she got to see me in pain!  haha  I was 5 years old and had decided that I wanted to get it done.


Fast forward many years later to me having a daughter of my own.  Many of my friends pierced their children’s ears as infants but I wanted to wait for my daughter to be ready so she could make the decision herself and remember it.  For the last couple of weeks my daughter has been determined that she wanted her ears pierced.  Every morning I would hear “Mommy, can I get my ears pierced today?”  I set a date and decided if she kept asking, we would go and do it.

Well, today was the set date and she was still good to go.  Her BFF was on board to come watch and in the end decided she was in as well because she wanted to have her ears pierced with her best friend.  My sister came along for support and also because she is the Mom of 2 boys and wanted to be a part of this big day in a little girl’s life.  I’m not going to lie, I was alittle emotional  as it approached and ahem…during the entire process.


There were tears (by one and all)  but in the end the girls looked beautiful and loved their new “fancy” rainbow earrings in their ears.  Next we were off for some ice cream to congratulate them on their bravery.  They spent the afternoon telling one another how beautiful their new earrings looked and how happy they were they did it together!  Enter heart melting here!

I am so glad that I waited for her to make the choice for herself and love the fact that she had her best friend by her side.  This is definitely one of those memories I will cherish forever!


Thank you to the fab ladies at Halton Hills Jewellery for doing such a fantastic job!


  1. Love the story and pics. Brave and fabulous girls!

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