“Are We There Yet?” How to avoid your kids being bored on long trips

No matter what the age of your kids or whether you are travelling for a 2 hour car ride or 5 hour plane ride, you are bound to hear “Are we there yet?” at least once.  The key is to keep them busy with things they enjoy, introduce new items, play a game or travel when they are bound to sleep.  Now I know the latter is hard to predict so we will focus on keeping them entertained.

Our top 10 items you can bring on a plane or long car ride to keep your sanity…

Snacks – You’re on vacation so you can somewhat throw the healthy balanced meal plan out the window for now right?!  Load some of their favourite candy, chocolate or cookies into your carry on for them to enjoy during the flight.  Suckers and chewing gum are good to have on hand for take off and landing.  Be sure to hide some for the trip home.

Cup with a lid/water bottle – In flight drinks are offered but they generally come in a small plastic cup which when in tight quarters can mean spilling.  Having a close-able drink container means you can have the flight attendant put their drink of choice into a spill proof container.

Electronics – In this day and age,  even the youngest child in the family can probably maneuver and iPod/iPad, DSi, Leapster etc. Load the ipod/iPad up with apps and  music to keep them busy.

DVD player and their favourite movies – Most flights do have movies but having their favourites on hand and accessible can make for a very happy child.  Not to mention it can become useful in your hotel room or at dinners so you too can enjoy your dinner.  Don’t forget to fully charge it before leaving home and pack your charger.

Ear Phones – NO I didn’t say earplugs but hey that’s not a bad idea!!  Bringing earphones from home will ensure they fit your  child’s ears and are adaptable to the electronics you’re bringing to keep them entertained.  Plug the ear phones into any electronic so as to not disturb those around you and your child will think they’re cool to wear

Stories – We all know it’s important to read with your child but sometimes it’s hard to find the time in our busy lives.  Pack some books and snuggle up with your child and have some good quality story time.  Perhaps the story will make them fall asleep so pack yourself a book in case you get a chance to read.

Notepad and pencils – Have your children draw pictures and/or write about their journey so far.  Also this can be used to play tic-tac-toe or hangman

Travel Games – Many of the popular kids games come in travel form like Sorry, Memory, Connect 4, Guess Who, Trouble and more

$ Store Fun Packs – Take a trip to your local dollar store and make a fun pack for each of the kiddies for the way to your destination and back again.  For a small price you can make them a super fun activity pack to keep them entertained.  Stickers, paper, colouring books, stamps, mini craft kit, silly putty, word search books, stencils …. The list could go on and on but I think you get the idea.  Something new and creative will excite them.

Favourite stuffie and blanket – Having their favourite stuffed friend on board can not only help lessen the anxiety some kids may get with flying but can also give them a cuddle friend if they get sleepy.


  1. Don’t know about the DVD player on a winding road! We had spluttery projectile vomit happen to us when we still had 2 hours to drive. Outside the car it was pouring too! It wasn’t pretty! We haven’t gone there again! I agree with everything else! Fantastic! Thanks :-)

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