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We were very excited to be invited to take part in the media preview for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Vaughan Mills last week which opens March 1st.  I have loved LEGO since I was a kid but now I get to re-live that through my kids.  My son is 7 and he is a huge LEGO fan.  From mini figures to his fave sets of Ninjago and everything in between, he can spend hours upon hours building and using his imagination.  My daughter is 5 and being the girlie girl that she is has totally taken to  LEGO friends.  So you can imagine the squeals of glee when I told them they could come to the preview with me.


Both up and dressed at the crack of dawn, we were early for the event so it gave us a chance to check out the storefront.  This would have made them happy in itself as the store is great!  The decor is bright and colourful and has cool big figurines constructed all out of LEGO blocks.  We found sets that my son had been looking for, sets that my daughter hadn’t seen yet, super cool key Chains, wall of bricks and the list goes of on and on.  Shopping list for the Easter Bunny….Done!  It’s going to be a LEGO themed Easter at this house!

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Our tour began as we entered the LEGO man cutout in the wall and into the LEGO factory where you learn through interactive play how raw plastic is turned into LEGO pieces. Here you can also weigh yourself to see how much you weigh in LEGO bricks. No…I will not reveal my number!

My 5 year old daughter’s favourite thing came next…Kingdom Quest.  Hop in a chariot and grab your laser gun to get rid of the bad guys and save the princess!  Your score tallies up as you go so you can see who the ultimate victor in the family will be.  If you’re anything like our competitive family you’ll want to ride again and again.

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Miniland is nothing short of amazing.  Check out the landmark buildings of Toronto as well as the wonders of Niagara Falls all made out of millions of pieces of LEGO.  Play a game of baseball at the Rogers Centre, hockey at the ACC or just marvel at the hours upon hours of work put into this area.

At this point we haven’t even made it into the main play area where even more fun with LEGO awaits us.  In this area you will find an area to build your own LEGO racer that you can race down 2 different tracks, check out the LEGO friends area, play in the LEGO Fire Academy and ride Merlin’s Apprentice.  Be sure to check out one of favourite things in this area, the Earthquake Tables.  Build a tower out of LEGO bricks and test it’s strength and integrity to see if it can withstand the shaking of an earthquake.

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My 7 year old son’s hands-down favourite was the 4-D Movie Cinema where we watched a Clutch Powers Adventure.  Put on your cool glasses, sit back and watch in amazement as LEGO bricks, mini figures and everything else busts out of the screen at you.  Watching the kids in the theatre reaching out to try and grab the flying pieces was amusement in itself.

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All this LEGO fun can make you hungry so be sure to stop by the Cafe for some eats to re-energize so you can do it all again!  Don’t worry the food is about the only thing not made out of LEGO!

How cool would it be for your child to have their Birthday Party hosted at LEGOland?  Yep, they host parties as well.


You have to check this place out and we can’t wait to go back really soon.

For more information on hours, directions, pricing and planning your family’s visit go to


  1. karen soley says:

    Looks like a tonne of fun!!

  2. Sandra Marino says:

    I know a certain little boy who would freak out in this store!!!

  3. My big kid and little kid would have a blast here!!!

  4. Rose Passarelli says:

    I loved Lego as a kid, so I can’t wait to share it with my children!! Wish they ha this place when I was a kid, lol!

  5. It would be lovely to be around so much Lego and yet not stepping on any of it!

  6. Laura Morgan says:

    Who doesn’t like lego! :)

  7. Can’t wait to take my kids to play!

  8. I have “3 Boys” who absolute LOVE LEGO… that includes my Husband… It would literally make their day if I won this package, especially as it would make an AWESOME Birthday surprise for my oldest son this week!… Good luck to everyone! :-)

  9. Sara Middleton says:

    Love this! Can’t wait to visit!

  10. My boys are just old enough to start enjoying Lego, I can’t wait to take them here! :)

  11. Sabrina Pallotta says:

    Would love to take my son for his Birthday next month!

  12. Lisa Furlano-Baty says:

    Sounds like a place we will be visiting many times…another excuse to get the kids and dad to Vaughan Mills…awesome!!!

  13. We went to the Legoland in Florida last year and we very impressed. I highly recommend it. We are very excited that there will now be a Discovery Centre closer to home (a 3 he drive is better than a 24 hr one!)

  14. Starr, tammy says:

    Legoland is terrific…such knowledgeable and pleasant staff, great rides and the 4D cinema is amazing!! so glad we have our season’s passes and we had the opportunity to preview legoland last Sunday!! it is AMAZEBALLS!!!

  15. Awesome giveaway!!!!! Crossing my fingers (and toes) 😀

  16. christine says:

    Can’t wait to go there!!

  17. angelynn martin says:

    Our twins and boys will love this place. I think one day aint enough. This would be the perfect place for the twins’ birthday!:)

  18. Melanie says:

    Great contest!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!!

  19. Mandi N says:

    My son is a huge Lego fan – he would love it!

  20. Would LOVE to take my kiddos here!

  21. I’m so excited to go with our kids this March Break! Our kids love Lego Friends and Lego Star Wars!!

  22. Caroline Buzzanga says:

    My two children absolutely love lego! I would love for them to experience going to Lego Land. We have never been.

  23. Clifford says:

    Just had our 6 year olds’ Bday, tons of Lego as gifts! He would love this

  24. Jared Titchner says:

    I know two little girls that would build a new world if given the opportunity.

  25. Jean Miraflores says:

    Looks like such a fun place for the kids! Cannot wait to go!!

  26. Looks like a great place to take the kids!!

  27. Peggy Ledden says:

    Would love to visit!

  28. Looks like fun. My kids would love to visit!

  29. Our sons are huge Lego fans and I had no idea this was opening! We are going to have to add this to our “must visits” for this summer.

  30. Emilete Steward says:

    Would be amazing to take my son there…and I’ll be honest…my twin sister is the bigger fan, she would freak out!

  31. This would be amazing for my son’s birthday! Huge lego fan, building with his own and his father’s old sets!

  32. mystikafaith says:

    That place looks incredibly awesome! My kids would absolutely love it there!

  33. Would be awesome to win! My 6 year old will have a blast there!

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