My kids are leaving ME for a week at Ontario Pioneer Camp

Ontario Pioneer Camp

Three years ago we dropped our then 7 year old off at Ontario Pioneer Camp for a week and it was SO hard. Despite my worries, his week was full of fun, friends and adventures and he didn’t want to leave.  You can read about that adventure here. Fast forward to now and we are sending our daughter who is 7 for her first sleep away camp experience and I’m finding it even harder.


My girlfriends are all asking what I’ll do without the kids for a full week and I am honestly at a loss.  Clean my house? Read a book?  Miss them the like crazy… Check!

In theory it sounds blissful to have a quiet house but call me crazy because I love the sound of them being home, messing up the house and them talking my ear off.

Like I did with my son 3 years ago, I worry that my daughter will get homesick and feel like we abandoned her even though her big brother is there if she needs him. And then I found this amongst her drawings today…

“I am so excited to go to camp this year.  I have never been before.  

I am excited because I get to meet new friends and try new things.

I am scared that I’m going to miss my family.  

But I know i’m going to have a great time.”

What this tells me is that she is more mature than I give her credit for. She is okay with acknowledging that she will will miss her parents but also knows that there is a ton of fun to be had. Thankfully her big brother will be there as a friendly face and there to give her a big hug if she needs one.  To help alleviate the homesickness we will have ourselves and friends email letters to her, send a picture book with little messages and send along comforts from home like her giant panda stuffie, a fave book and really whatever else she wants.  Look out OPC we may be bringing her with 4 suitcases!  lol

In the end I know that as a Mommy I worry more than she does and I know in my heart of hearts that she is going to have a fantastic time because Ontario Pioneer Camp ROCKS.  I can’t wait for all the chitter chatter on the way home when I hear all about the fun memories that were made.

Ontario Pioneer Camp


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