Review of Marineland in Niagara Falls, ON

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Although Marineland has been a controversial tourist location for the past couple of years, we wanted to visit to form our own opinion. Our kids had a great time so I want to share some positive points with you on how you can enjoy a day at Marineland with your family.

Arctic Cove

Marineland - Ontario Attraction  Marineland - Ontario attraction  Marinleand - Ontario attraction

We began our day with a Beluga Whale encounter at Arctic Cove, which I must say was the coolest part of my day by far. For $8/person you get to meet with a whale trainer and a beluga whale. Our whale buddy was named Andre. During our time with the trainer, we were able to ask questions and learn all about the habits and life of a beluga whale. Each of us got turns touching and feeding this awesome mammal some fish. I will be the first to admit that the shear size and firmness of Andre was a wee bit intimidating for me but the kids had a no fear attitude. According to my 6 year old, the beluga whale feels like a hard-boiled egg.

Did you know?

Adult Beluga whales have 3 stomachs and eat about 60lbs of fish per day

Young beluga whales are grey in colour and as they age they turn white

Marineland - Ontario Attraction

Waldorf Stadium Show

Be sure to catch the King Waldorf Stadium Show which is presented at regular intervals throughout the day. Check the schedule upon entry to see what times the show is that day.   Watch the sea lions, beluga whales and dolphins jump, spin and play in this show the kids are sure to enjoy. One lucky little observer will be chosen from the audience to help out and get a special treat.

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Marineland has rides for all ages. When the kids were younger, they could spend most of the day riding the kiddie rides and have a blast. In the kid area, your young ones will be entertained by the mini lady bug coaster, orca screamer drop zone, mini ferris wheel and more.

Now that our kids are 6 & 8 and have a love for the bigger rides, we actually had a chance to venture over and try some of the larger rides. It was a little disappointing though that 3 of the rides were closed for maintenance but those that we open we great. Since the park was not too busy on the day we went, lines were short and therefore we were able to ride many times. I think hands down, our family’s favorite ride was the Dragon Mountain Roller Coaster. We honestly rode this about 10 times! My 6 year old, being the brave soul she is, when on the Sky Screamer and gave it a rating of super fun! The other big rides in the area we also fun but for sure the coaster and drop zone were our family’s favourite. 

Buy your lunch or pack a picnic

Food at Marineland is reasonably priced in my opinion but your are welcome to bring your own food into the park and eat at one of the picnic areas or even lay out a blanket on any of the many grassy areas.


Pricing for Marineland

Single Day Pass for ages 13 – 59 – $42.95 + HST

Single Day Pass for ages 5 – 12 – $35.95 + HST

Single Day Pass for ages 60+ – $35.95 + HST

Enjoyed your day at the park? You can upgrade to a season pass for only $5 before you leave for the day

Parking is always FREE