Pin Trading at Walt Disney World

pin trading at Disney World

pin trading at Disney World

Before our first trip to Disney World, my nephews told my kids all about pin trading and because there’s not enough to do at Disney World (insert eye roll), our kids wanted to get in on the action of pin trading too.  They loved it!  Pin trading is a fun and interactive experience where kids (big and small) trade official Disney pins with Cast Members and other guests during their vacation.


Getting Started

The initial start-up cost of pin trading was a little shocking to my credit card, especially with 2 kids but the fun the kids have trading while on vacation is so worth it.  Pins range in price from about $7 up to $16 so we found the most economical way to stat the kids on their pin trading adventure was to buy them a lanyard pack that already comes with pins.  Starter kits and pins can be purchased across Disney in the resorts, park and Downtown Disney.  Once you have your pins you are ready to start trading!

TIP: On our last vacay, we bought the kids pin trading pouches which seemed easier for them to carry and zipped closed so nothing could go missing.  Highly recommend getting these

pin trading at disney How it works

The act of pin trading is really quite simple and a great way for the kids to interact with the Disney Cast Members.  The kids simply approach anyone wearing a lanyard or green pin pad and ask to take a look at their pins.  If they find one they like they can then ask for the pin and then they can select one of their pins to swap the new pin for.  Ideally they will give their least favourite pin to the cast member as they will never refuse a trade.  Throughout your entire vacation, your kids will feel like they are a treasure hunt for the best pins.

TIP: Encourage the kids do the transactions themselves as they will have great interactions with the cast members and why not throw in a lesson on manners while on vacation.  You can never go wrong with some please and thank yous :-)

pin trading at disney

Where can you trade pins?

Disney pin trading can be done in any of the Disney parks, Downtown Disney and even at your resort.  Basically anywhere there are people working, you are bound to find pins.

Within a Disney Park, you can trade them with any Cast Member wearing a lanyard or green trading square

All Parks have Pin trading boards where there will be a large selection of pins to choose from 

You are only allowed to trade 2 pins with a cast member per transaction so thankfully Disney employees like a trazillion people!

pin trading at disney

Tips to pin trading

Buy a pack of pins that your kids don’t like – Sounds kind of mean I know, but they won’t want to trade ones they like and then it kind of defeats the purpose

Buy pins off eBay prior to going to Disney – Many returning guests know that you can buy pin lots off eBay for cheaper.  For instance you can buy 25 pins for $25 which is a great deal seeing as pins start around $7 in the parks

Buy locking backs – Pins come with a cute mickey shaped plastic backing on it which tend to fall off and then you lose your pins.  For $10, you can purchase backs that lock onto the pins so there is no losing them

Find pins with hidden Mickeys – Pins that have the hidden Mickey on them are cast member pins and therefore you can’t even buy them

pin trading at disney

Why our kids say they love pin trading

  • Every day is a new adventure!  We never know what cool pins we are going to find
  • Mommy & Daddy let us do all the trading ourselves.  Sometimes i’ll ask if they think i’m making a good trade but mostly it’s all my good trading. 
  • We get to choose to pins that mean something to us and remind us of our favourite characters, parks, rides and shows. 
  • Our pins come with us on every Disney vacation and there are always new pins out
  • We get a new pin that says what year we were at Disney every time we go

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort #Review



Planning a Disney World Vacation?  Consider staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  We recently stayed there and thought it was great.  Read our review to find out more about why our family thinks your family will love it!

 Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Priced as a moderate accommodation, the Caribbean Beach Resort is a fairly large resort with different sections named after different Caribbean islands.  Although bigger than most moderates, the resort is walkable from the furthest point to the main area in about 7 minutes.  You’re going to have to walk off all the food you eat on vacation anyhow.


We booked one of the pirate theme rooms and our kids were thrilled.  It was pretty cool I must admit. Starting with the pirate ship shaped beds, all details in the room follow along with the theme.  Your dresser is made up of wooden crates, your fridge is disguised as a barrel and your bathroom curtain dons a skull and swords.  The rooms aren’t huge but really how much time are you really going to be spending in your room right?!

 IMG_1219 IMG_1775 Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Your little fishies will love the main pool at this resort as it is based on the pirate theme as well.  With gradual entry into the pool, your wee ones will be able to splash around while the older kids can swim and enjoy the slides.  There are a couple hot tubs located around the pool as well.   For those that are under 48″ there is a special gated splash area complete with a dumping bucket. Throughout the different areas of the resort there are also smaller pools which were great for when we came back from a day at the parks and the kids wanted to swim before bedtime.  How they still had energy was beyond me!

Disney's Carribean Beach Resort Pool Disney's Carribean Beach Resort Pool Disney's Carribean Beach Resort Pool

As most kids do, our kids love to explore and Caribbean Beach Resort was perfect for that.  As they toured the grounds they found playgrounds, beaches with hammocks to relax, courtyards with tables and benches, with the tour of course ending at the big gift shop.  You will find everything you can think of at this gift shop so may not have to lug your purchases home from the parks.

IMG_1240 Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Caribbean Cay playground IMG_1235 Calypso Trading Post at Caribbean Beach Resort

Dining at Caribbean Beach Resort was a nice surprise.  Their quick serve area is very large with lots of seating so you never have to worry about finding a seat.  I was quite impressed with the food options available in the food court area.  Some of the yummy food we enjoyed included: chicken fingers, turkey blt, spaghetti and meatballs, jerk chicken sandwich, smoothies and of course some Mickey shaped waffles.  You won’t have a problem finding something that everyone enjoys eating!

   IMG_1783 Disney Caribbean Beach Resort Food Court IMG_1784

 Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Don’t forget to get your Disney refillable mug when you arrive at the resort.  This mug is good only at your resort but we loved having it.  We would fill up the mugs with juice or water and keep them in our fridge in our room for whenever someone was thirsty.  In the morning, hubby would go fill ours up with some caffeine for the bus ride over to park so we were raring to go when we got there.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Transportation from Disney Caribbean Resort was great.  There always seemed to be a bus pulling up to our local stop and I think we only waited 5 mins at most to board a bus.  The bus only stops within the resort and then you are off to the park.  The distance to Downtown Disney, Epcot and Hollywood Studios was very little so I would say it is quite centrally located.  While you travel to your destination, sit back and enjoy some of your favourite songs with a bit of a Caribbean twist.


We thought Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort was a great place to stay and we are sure your family will enjoy it too!

Surprising the Kids with a trip to Disney World


This was the hardest secret to keep but was the best surprise EVER! With our Disney World vacation only days away, we told the kids we were going and their reaction was awesome and totally worth keeping it a secret!

We called the kids into the kitchen for a “family meeting” where they were asked to read this note…

Disney World Surprise Poem

And THIS was their reaction…

Let the Memories Begin!

Who wouldn’t want to fight Darth Vader?!



Have a Star Wars lover in your house and heading to Disney World?  Your little one is going to be over the moon excited when they get to take on Darth Vader at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios!

Potential Padawans are trained to wield a lightsaber and use the force to defend against the Dark Side. The very humorous Jedi Master trains the little ones so they are prepared when the Storm Troopers and the infamous Darth Vader make their appearance.  One by one, the children will each get a  turn to fight Darth Vader.  Trust me when I say that this is an experience your little one won’t soon forget!  I will admit that my husband was a little crushed that they told him he was too old to participate but the joy he saw in our son far outweighed his disappointment. This is a not to be missed adventure at Disney World … hands down.  Have fun and May the Force be with you!

IMG_6125 IMG_6135 IMG_6126


– Be at the park before opening

– RUN…yes run to the area where you register as spaces fill up quick (Next to the ABC Sound Studio)

– Have your camera and video camera batteries charged because your little one will want to watch as they fight Vader over and over again

– Recommended ages are 4-12 yrs old

– Be ready to enjoy this very cool experience