“Harvest Fun Starts Here” Strom’s Farm #Review


Strom's Farm Guelph Ontario

Just on the outskirts of the city of Guelph, you can find a fantastic family farm for some great fall fun with your family.  Strom’s Farm is a 2nd generation family farm currently owned by Channing and Amy Strom.  From the details of all the activities to the owner’s walking around and engaging with the visitors, you can definitely feel the love and pride of ownership as you spend time at Strom’s.  It is truly  a fantastic place and and that is why we wanted to share with you why our family loved it so much.  Strom’s Farm definitely deserves a visit from your family!

Harvest Fun Activities run every Weekend thru Oct. 27 where you can enjoy the 6 acre corn maze, tile, rope, cedar and straw maze, wagon rides, pedal carts, corn trail, sand pile, pumpkin chuckin’, puppet show and homegrown popcorn!


Upon arrival we looked around and thought that we wouldn’t be there for long as at first glance there didn’t look like there was that much to do.  Boy were we wrong!!  When you go, plan to spend hours there as there is so much to do and see!

Unleash the kids from the van and they went running off in different directions to go have some fun.  We reeled them back in and the FUN began…

Pumpkin Chuckin’

Slingshotting gourds sound like fun?  Oh yes it is!  Safety goggles on and we were ready to launch gourds into the field to try and hit the targets.

Pumpkin's Chuckin' at Strom's Farm Guelph Ontario Farm fun at Strom's Farm Strom's Farm Guelph Ontario

A Pumpkin of a Show Puppet Show

Strom's Farm Puppet Show  Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

This show will have the kids laughing, cheering and clapping.  The show takes place 3 times per day for your enjoyment so you can watch it more than once while you enjoy a little rest and some popcorn.

A-Mazing Mazes

Heading into the 6 acre corn maze you are given a word find and your mission is to go into the maze and find all the clue boxes which contains the words you need to circle. You are also given a map to find the clues and good luck wishes.  Really how challenging could this be?  HA I had no idea.  This maze is huge and very well laid out but I still managed to get lost and turned around a few times.  I think we were probably in there twisting and turning for a good hour.  A total blast though and a must do when you visit Strom’s.

IMG_7495  IMG_6211  Corn Maze at Strom's Farm Ontario

IMG_7494  IMG_7498

Made it out of the corn maze and ready for your next challenge?  Next you can move on to the Tile Maze, Rope Maze or Straw Maze.

The Straw Maze looks easy until you read the main rule…You can ONLY turn right in the maze!

Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

The Kids loved the Rope Maze and did it over and over again to see who could do it the quickest!

Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario     Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

The Tile Maze was my brain teaser for the day.  I stood there for 20 mins with a bunch of adults trying to figure it out.  I am happy to say that I did finally figure it out and then headed off to find my family as they had taken off long before!  I could share the secret with you but I think it’s more fun for you to figure it out for yourself when you go.  Good luck! :-)

Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

Also be sure to save some time for the sand pile, pedal carts, Spiral maze, wagon ride and of course to take some pictures!

Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario  Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario  Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario   Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

 Feeling Hungry?

All the fun made us hungry so we headed over to grab some hot dogs and fries from the food barn.  You can also get sausages, homemade pizza and homegrown popcorn to nibble on. Oh and we dare you to go into the bakery and NOT buy something!  The smells that welcome you when you walk into the bakery will make you salivate.  We tried their apple crisps, butter tarts and a pumpkin pie and they were all delicious.

Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario   Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario   Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

On your way out be sure to stop and grab one of their hundreds of pumpkins, beautiful fall arrangements and be sure to take some fall pics as their backdrops are fantastic!

Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario Strom's Farm Fall Fun Ontario

Thank you Strom’s Farm for a super fun day out with the family.  We loved your farm and will definitely be back to visit in the future! :-)

An additional great fact about Strom’s Farm… For every Harvest Fun Pass purchased this year, 50 cents of it will go to Beads of Courage Canada.




Wanted: Little Scientists in the Making!

Have a child that is full of curiosity?  

Mad Science Camp is where they need to be this Summer!  

Mad Science Summer Camp

Join Us For “The Best Summer Camp Ever!”

Kids everywhere LOVE Mad Science Summer Camp!  Look for this awesome day camp in your town!  Each camp day is jam packed with awesome demonstrations, tons of hands-on activities and lots of indoor and outdoor fun.

Children from grades 1-6 will enjoy learning about a variety of science principles, interacting with our awesome Camp Counselors and having fun with friends!

Our hands-on approach to science learning instills in each child, a love for all things science and a confidence in their ability to grasp a sometimes feared area of learning!

Crank up your cranium with an awesome week of Mad Science Summer Camp! 

Choose any or all of our four cool themes!


Beast,Bridges & Brews

Campers will shake, rattle and roll the world of simple machines as they are challenged to build bridges and a four foot high Geodesic Dome. Everyone will speak bird and be a bit buggy while they build bug and bird houses. Mixing, mashing and brewing will result in cool sidewalk chalk and bath fizzers during a day in the chemistry lab. The wonders of photography will be revealed as children learn about cameras, light and colours.  Daily themes include:  Jr. Engineers, Machine Mania, Crazy Chemistry, The Birds & The Beasts, Shutterbugs


Flight Academy

The week will fly by as we travel through time looking at the earliest flying machines right up to modern day rocket launches. We’ll cover it all. Become a Junior Aviator and discover the principals of flight and aerodynamics. Zip up your space suit for a planetary tour while we investigate the wonders of our very own Milky Way.  Join your fellow astronauts as we send an awesome Mad Science rocket to the moon…well at least into the sky! As Mad Science Technicians, you will build sundials, telescopes, parachutes and an incredible wind tunnel simulator.   It will be a blast!  Daily themes include:  The Wright Stuff, It’s An Up Thing!, The Milky Way, Newtons Loco-Motion, Rockin’ Rockets


Rocket Camp

Yes we are Rocket Scientists! All things rocket will be explored. This action packed week focuses on the physics of rocket flight, the parts of a rocket and rocket launches. Campers will build several types of rockets and participate in the launching of at least 10 different rockets. Children will be divided into three groups for each rocket launch; Altitude Trackers, Launch Preparers and Launchers. They will have the opportunity to experience all three roles over the course of the week. Daily themes include:  Rocket Basics, Rocket Flight, Mission Control, Rocket Propulsion & Recovery, Go for Launch!


Claws, Codes & Constellations

A week of sleuthing, investigation and discovery await campers. Secret code wheels, Morse code and hidden messages will be decoded. We will hunt down animal tracks and follow scent trails during a day of nature discoveries. The wonders of gravity, balance and the science behind the elusive sweet spot will be investigated. Everyone will be challenged not to break an egg during our crazy egg toss. A renewed appreciation for the earth and the role science can play in preserving our planet will emerge. The marvels of astronomy will be revealed when we make a telescope. Daily themes include: Mad Messages, Earth Awareness, The Science of Sport, Nature, Space Day


 FAQs about Mad Science Camp

Did you know Mad Science also offers cool Birthday Parties, In-School Programs and Workshops?  Well, it’s true and full of FUN!