Leave your bras in Cuba


Leave your bras in CubaWhen going to a resort you’re always sure to bring along money to tip the wait staff, house keeper and your best friend for the week…the bartender.  Sometimes you think to bring some fun stuff for the children of the staff or leave behind some bathroom products they might enjoy but have you ever thought of leaving your bra behind?  YES, your bra!

Some family members just came back from Cuba and were shocked to be asked if they could leave behind a bra.  Now, they were not shocked that people would actually ask but rather that they were asking for a used bra.  They had become friendly with the staff at this small resort so I guess they felt comfortable asking in hushed tones but they we once again asked by staff at the airport during their 2 hour delay.   When asked at the resort for their bras they kind of laughed awkwardly and asked why they would want their bras.  From talking to them they learned that many women do not own bras and the reason being is that buying a bra may mean the difference between feeding their family.  Obviously what we as women from North America consider essential they consider a luxury and one that many can not afford.

Planning a trip to Cuba soon?  Perhaps think of asking around to your friends and family if they have bras they would be willing to part with. So pack up that extra suitcase of bras for your next trip …  the bigger the bra size the better they were told.  Yes the check in people may give you a weird look at your suitcase contents but that doesn’t matter when you know the happiness and comfort your simple act will bring to some women in Cuba.