LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto #Review

Ontario Attractions

Ontario Attractions

With 2 LEGO crazed children in our house, one of their top attractions to visit is LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Vaughan Mills.  I must admit that as a past, present and future LEGO lover myself, I love going too!  In a world all about LEGO, how could you not have a fun time?!


There are so many different areas to visit at LEGOLAND but I think one of the best areas is the Miniland!  In Miniland you will find some of the best landmarks in Toronto built out of LEGO.  As the room changes from day to night, you can see buildings like the CN Tower, Banks, drive-in at Polson Pier, Toronto Airport and of course the Rogers Centre and ACC. Oh and don’t forget to visit Niagara Falls while you’re there too.

IMG_6840 photo 2-5 photo-3
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How Ninja are you?  Well now’s your time to find out at the Ninjago Laser Training Camp!  Test your reflex speed as you compete against your friends at the flashing light wall.  See who can hit the most flashing lights before time runs out.  aTest your agility and speed as you avoid laser beams to make it through the laser maze.  Can you make it through in Ninja fast speed without touching any beams? Don’t worry if you are nervous about being successful, there are different levels of difficulty.  My son loved this area and did the laser maze quite a few times in an effort to beat his past record and stay ahead of his sister’s score.
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We even went to school when were at LEGOLAND and it was fun…true fact!  Be sure to join a Master Builder Academy when you are there to do your own LEGO build and kern tips, tricks and facts about LEGO from the Master themselves.

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The 4D Cinema is one of my kids’s favourite areas.  With your 3D glasses on you can watch short LEGO films that the kids just love. There are 4 different films that rotate throughout the course of the day so be sure to watch the ticker to let you know what’s up next.  Watch one or all four and you are sure to be in for some cool surprises.

photo-8  photo 2-8

Make your own race car out of LEGO and race it down the ramps in LEGO Racers Build & Test area to see if you can beat the rest of the little competitors.

photo 3-7 IMG_6843 photo 4-8

 Once you’ve done all of the above there is still so much more to do.  Take a ride on Merlins Apprentice, try and be the top scorer on Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, climb around in the LEGO Fire Academy, test out his stable your LEGO creation is against the Earthquake table and visit the LEGO Friends area.

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Admission Prices

Single Visit Tickets – Children 0-2yrs Visit for FREE

Walk-up price
Child -$20.00
Adult – $22.00

Buy online
Child – $18.00
Adult – $18.00

Flexi Ticket
Valid for 365 days (online purchase)
Child – $24.00
Adult – $24.00

Please note: Children 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult supervisor 18 years of age or older. Adults (18+) will not be admitted without a child, with the exception of Adult Only Nights.




How to Clean Your Child’s LEGO Creation Station


legosSometimes you have that “AHA” moment or better yet, what I like to refer to as my moment of brilliance!  😉  Today’s moment of brilliance is brought to you based on my love/hate relationship with LEGO.

My love for LEGO starts way back when I was a kid and the fond memories of playing LEGO with my brother.  Nowadays my son and daughter love LEGO and although it can be quite the investment, we buy them lots as it’s a great outlet for their creativity, gets them off the electronics and it’s an activity that they can do together.

Now here is where the hate comes in…

photo 2

This is the bane of my existence … my 8 year old son’s LEGO table.

Hours upon hours of creative genius are spent at this table by my son but just imagine how much dust collects on this table amidst every tiny tiny piece.  How does one even begin to clean/dust this?

Here were my cleaning options

1. Take every piece of LEGO off and dust  …. Uhmmm no thanks

2. Take a wet cloth and swipe around the LEGO pieces – Easy enough but no sure it would be very thorough

3. Vacuum the table – End result could be traumatizing for my son and really expensive for Mom & Dad

Option #3 it is!!

 Today I vacuumed my son’s LEGO table and it was the best thing I ever did!  Not one LEGO piece was harmed in this cleaning act! TADA

Downy sheet + Elastic band + Vacuum = A dust free LEGO table

As simple as it is, I placed a Downy sheet over the end of the vacuum nozzle and secured it with an elastic band.  Turn the vacuum on and off you go.  Dust and other particles will either go right through the dryer sheet or stick to it.  LEGO of course will stick due to suction but will fall off as soon as you shut the power off.  Presto…an easy and really effective way to clean your child’s LEGO creation station!

photo 3 photo 4

LEGO, LEGO Everywhere


We were very excited to be invited to take part in the media preview for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Vaughan Mills last week which opens March 1st.  I have loved LEGO since I was a kid but now I get to re-live that through my kids.  My son is 7 and he is a huge LEGO fan.  From mini figures to his fave sets of Ninjago and everything in between, he can spend hours upon hours building and using his imagination.  My daughter is 5 and being the girlie girl that she is has totally taken to  LEGO friends.  So you can imagine the squeals of glee when I told them they could come to the preview with me.


Both up and dressed at the crack of dawn, we were early for the event so it gave us a chance to check out the storefront.  This would have made them happy in itself as the store is great!  The decor is bright and colourful and has cool big figurines constructed all out of LEGO blocks.  We found sets that my son had been looking for, sets that my daughter hadn’t seen yet, super cool key Chains, wall of bricks and the list goes of on and on.  Shopping list for the Easter Bunny….Done!  It’s going to be a LEGO themed Easter at this house!

photo-4     photo-7     photo-6     photo-5

Our tour began as we entered the LEGO man cutout in the wall and into the LEGO factory where you learn through interactive play how raw plastic is turned into LEGO pieces. Here you can also weigh yourself to see how much you weigh in LEGO bricks. No…I will not reveal my number!

My 5 year old daughter’s favourite thing came next…Kingdom Quest.  Hop in a chariot and grab your laser gun to get rid of the bad guys and save the princess!  Your score tallies up as you go so you can see who the ultimate victor in the family will be.  If you’re anything like our competitive family you’ll want to ride again and again.

IMG_6869     photo-3     IMG_6838

Miniland is nothing short of amazing.  Check out the landmark buildings of Toronto as well as the wonders of Niagara Falls all made out of millions of pieces of LEGO.  Play a game of baseball at the Rogers Centre, hockey at the ACC or just marvel at the hours upon hours of work put into this area.

At this point we haven’t even made it into the main play area where even more fun with LEGO awaits us.  In this area you will find an area to build your own LEGO racer that you can race down 2 different tracks, check out the LEGO friends area, play in the LEGO Fire Academy and ride Merlin’s Apprentice.  Be sure to check out one of favourite things in this area, the Earthquake Tables.  Build a tower out of LEGO bricks and test it’s strength and integrity to see if it can withstand the shaking of an earthquake.

IMG_6847     IMG_6858     IMG_6843     IMG_6851

My 7 year old son’s hands-down favourite was the 4-D Movie Cinema where we watched a Clutch Powers Adventure.  Put on your cool glasses, sit back and watch in amazement as LEGO bricks, mini figures and everything else busts out of the screen at you.  Watching the kids in the theatre reaching out to try and grab the flying pieces was amusement in itself.

photo-9     IMG_6855     photo-8

All this LEGO fun can make you hungry so be sure to stop by the Cafe for some eats to re-energize so you can do it all again!  Don’t worry the food is about the only thing not made out of LEGO!

How cool would it be for your child to have their Birthday Party hosted at LEGOland?  Yep, they host parties as well.


You have to check this place out and we can’t wait to go back really soon.

For more information on hours, directions, pricing and planning your family’s visit go to