Maple Leaf Monster Jam #Review


We were excited to be invited to Maple Leaf Monster Jam at Rogers Centre last evening.  To be honest, as we had never been, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My son isn’t a rough and tough kinda boy but he was super pumped to go to the show.  With his ear protection on he was ready to experience his very first (and definitely not his last) Monster Jam Show!


Let the noise, cheering, revving engines and flip overs beginnnnnnnn…

IMG_8514 IMG_8493

IMG_8512 IMG_8502

The show begins with all the trucks doing laps to “show off” their power and style. It was awesome to see the actual size of the trucks and the amazing looks. The show is then broken down into two parts, races and freestyle.   Although the race part gets you excited and is fun to watch,  I would say the highlight of the show is the freestyle part.  This is where the trucks get to do what they want.  It was amazing to see how high they could jump and how long such a huge truck could hold a wheelie.  Crashes were spectacular but thankfully there were no injuries due to the high safety standards.    In between the Monster Trucks, quads came out to race for their team which was US vs. Canada.  Canada won 2 out of 3!!

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 What we loved, other than the obvious excitement, was that the show was very interactive from the drivers running up into the stands for photo ops to cheering for your favourite truck to free t-shirts being launched into the crowd.  All in all it was a super fun experience and one that we would definitely recommend and do again.

My 8 year old’s take on the show

What were you expecting when you heard we were going to Monster Jam and were you excited?

I was expecting a lot of crashing.  I was very excited because I had never been

What surprised you about Monster Jam?

What surprised me was that there so many broken trucks by the end of the show.

What was your favourite part of the show?

My favourite part of the show was seeing Son-uva Digger winning the race

What was your favourite truck?

Son-uva Digger was because he is the son of Grave Digger.  Well and I also liked the bus, Higher Education, and wish my school bus looked like that!

What would you want other kids to know about Monster Jam?

The whole show is fun and the trucks are awesome.  It’s really loud and Quad wars is really cool!

Helpful info – As it can be quite loud during the show and children’s ears can be more sensitive to the noise level, ear plugs and headphones can be purchased at a merchandise stand at the show or you can also bring your own.


Maple Leaf Monster Jam is coming to a city near you!  Get your tickets now for an event that your kids (and you) will not soon forget

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