Holy Carp! Ross Petty’s The Little Mermaid is a must-sea show this Holiday Season

Ross Petty's The Little Mermaid ticket giveaway

Ross Petty's The Little Mermaid ticket giveaway

Last week we were invited to the opening night of Ross Petty’s The Little Mermaid.  My sister has raved about these productions for years and I do trust her opinion but we had never been as I thought the kids were too young.  I was so excited when I told my family we were going and expected the same from them.  My 6 yr old daughter was thrilled, my 8 yr old son groaned cause he didn’t want to go to a “girl” show and my husband, well he knew he was coming no matter what and if he was lucky he might get to see some mermaids in bikini tops!

Well let me tell you, this show was not what any of us were expecting … It was FANTASTIC!!

If you think you are going to see a stage show of the popular movie Little Mermaid…think again.  Ross Petty’s Little Mermaid is not the like the fairy tale version everyone is used too.  This show is pee your pants funny, hip, modern and all around good family entertainment.  We loved the interactiveness of the show.  It had my family booing the villains, cheering for the good guys and laughing until our cheeks hurt.  Complete with Rob Ford Jokes, references to Miley Cyrus and current hit songs … how could this not be funny and entertaining?

Quick synopsis of the show… Angel (Chilina Kennedy), your “little mermaid”  lives at the bottom of the Toronto Harbour with her sisters and flamboyant Aunt Plumbum (played by Dan Chameroy who is no rookie to Petty’s productions) . Angel who has no interest in material human things is more concerned with the dumping of trash and pollution into the waters.  On her 18th Birthday she is allowed to go to the surface where she saves Adam (Marc Devigne) and falls in love with him.  Word gets around that an evil wanna be Donald Trump, Ogopogo (Petty) wants to build a casino and entertainment complex in the harbour.  Angel, her sisters, Plumbum and environmental activist Adam set out to foil Ogopogo’s plans and save the harbour.  Sooo do they save the harbour?? Well you’ll have to go see the show to see how it all turns out!

The cast of the show was brilliant.  The singing voices of Angel and Adam were beautiful.  The hilarious antics of Carl the ClownFish (Reid Janisse who is also the creative writer…applause) Sponge Bill Triangle Pants and Shelly the Shrimp had us in hysterics.  Ross Petty himself plays the villain that everyone loves to hate, Ogopogo.  With his sexy sidekick Eris at his side, these two played an awesome evil duo. This show would not have been complete without the over the top and fantastic Plumbum.  Whether they were a main character or a trusty side-kick, the entire cast did a phenomenal job and the standing ovation at the end and the smiles on everyone’s faces were proof of that.

Closing Remarks from Ross Petty himself (well the jist of it anyhow): “It is a pleasure to be here.  We have an extraordinary creative team and script writer.  It is a pleasure for me to be on stage with these incredibly talented people.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Like us on Twitter…or however it goes”

Ross Petty's The Little Mermaid

My opinion… This production was cleverly put together with the entertainment of the entire family in mind.  There is a fantastically fun story line for everyone to enjoy, music and references that the kids can relate to (What does a darn fox say anyhow?), over the kid’s heads humour for the parents and an all around wonderfully crafted show.  A must-sea family show this Holiday season!  Trust me, you will love it!!  Ross Petty’s The Little Mermaid IS Ontario’s O-FISH-AL Family Musical

Here’s the feedback from my kiddos after the show:

Daughter (6): “When I grow up I hope Ross Petty is still alive because I am going to dance and sing in his show one day”

Fave Character: Angel – She can roller-skate and sing so beautifully

Fave Part of the Show: When the mermaids sang “Mermaids Like Us” (The Mermaid version of Kelly Clarkson’s “People Like Us”)

Funniest Part: Everything Sponge Bill Triangle Pants did.  

What do you want to tell people about the show: “Go See the Ross Petty Show and be sure to boooo really loudly when Ogopogo (that’s Ross Petty by the way) comes out”

How many thumbs up:  2 enthusiastic ones!


Son (8):  “That was the best show i’ve ever seen and i’ve seen a LOT of shows in my eight years”

Fave Character: Definitely Sponge Bill Triangle Pants.  He was soooo funny.  Well and he’s Sponge Bob’s cousin so I have to like him

Fave Part of the Show: When they did “What Does the Fox Say”.  It’s cool that the had recent stuff in the show

Funniest Part:  Mommy I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.  The whole show was funny but I think the funniest part was…hmmmm…yah the whole thing

What do you want to tell people about the show: It’s a very funny, non classic version of the Dalt Wisney movie and you HAVE to go see it!

How many thumbs up: 2 and a pinky! 


Don’t miss out on this must-sea show!  Ross Petty’s The Little Mermaid is playing now through January 4th at the Elgin Theatre.

Get your tickets now

Tickets can be purchased online at www.rosspetty.com by phone at 1.855.599.9090 or in person at the Elgin Theatre Box Office, 189 Yonge Street, Toronto

For group discounts call THE Group Tix Company at 647.438.5559 or Toll Free at 1.866.447.7849

Most evening Performances begin at 7pm, Matinees at 2pm

Win tickets to Ross Petty’s The Little Mermaid on Opening Night

Ross Petty's The Little Mermaid ticket giveaway

WIN Tickets to Ross Petty’s The Little Mermaid

Ontario’s O-FISH-AL Family Musical

Ross Petty's The Little Mermaid ticket giveaway

We want to send you and your family to opening Night of The Little Mermaid!

You could win 4 tickets to the 7pm show on November 27th at the Elgin Theatre


Ross Petty's The Little Mermaid

About the Show…

Flooding Ontario’s Funny Bone Since 1995!

Ross Petty Productions presents


Ontario’s O-FISH-AL Family Musical!

Opening Night: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at 7pm

For nearly over 20 years, generations of families have flocked to the Elgin Theatre for Ross Petty Productions’ annual holiday pantomimes, one of the longest-standing theatrical traditions in Ontario. With their 18th consecutive fractured fairy tale ahead of them, Ross Petty Productions has Toronto awash with excitement to catch THE LITTLE MERMAID live on stage from November 22, 2013 – January 4, 2014, a must-sea this holiday season.

The centuries-old tradition of British pantomime is a boisterously fun form of musical comedy for the entire family and this year, Ross Petty and his creative team are exploring the underwater world of Hans Christian Andersen in a story where anyFIN goes!

This year’s leading lady is musical theatre powerhouse, Chilina Kennedy. With the help of a motley crew of aquatic friends, the title character’s love-riddled quest to save the Toronto harbour is also aided by Dan Chameroy’s sea-lacious Dame Plumbum, and Marc Devigne, Canadian Idol season one finalist, starring opposite Kennedy as the buoy of her dreams

Second City funnyman Reid Janisse, who made his panto debut last year as Ham (the porcine Don Cherry), returns as Carl the Clown Fish while also penning the O-FISH-AL script. Petty himself is trading in his spanks for scales to play Ogopogo the evil sea wizard, radiant redhead Jordan Clark, winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada season four, and star of Family Channel’s The Next Step TV series, will make her panto debut as Ogopogo’s slithery assistant, while fan-favourite Eddie Glen returns as Petty’s reluctant sidekick.

Shorely, Ross Petty’s interpretation of Canada’s mythical lake creature will bring a tsunami of boos and hisses at this year’s family-friendly fractured holiday entertainment!


Get your Tickets now!!

Ross Petty Productions presents


Ontario’s O-FISH-AL Family Musical!

Elgin Theatre, 189 Yonge Street, Toronto

November 22, 2013 – January 4, 2014

OPENING NIGHT: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 @ 7pm

$85/$75/$64/$27 Adults • $59 Children under 12 • $235 Family 4-Pack

Tickets can be purchased online at www.rosspetty.com by phone at 1.855.599.9090

or in person at the Elgin Theatre Box Office, 189 Yonge Street, Toronto

For group discounts call THE Group Tix Company at 647.438.5559 or Toll Free at 1.866.447.7849

Most evening Performances begin at 7pm, Matinees at 2pm

For a complete performance schedule, and more info, visit www.rosspetty.com or @RossPettyPro

THE LITTLE MERMAID is presented by Lowe’s Canada

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