My Promise to Myself on my 39th Birthday


Today is my last birthday in my 30s.  Now I am not one of those people that dread turning 40 but I want to feel great as I enter my 40s. So I am going to challenge myself to 4 things I want to improve on over the next year so that I enter my 40s as a confident, happy, sexy lady.  Why am I sharing this rather than just keeping to myself?  It all comes down to accountability!  If people know what i’m doing then it’s harder for me to find excuses.  Yes I am a procrastinator but maybe i’ll work on that next year…maybe!

Basically this is my Birthday Resolution for the next year which begins today, April 21st 2015, the day I turn 39
It comes down to 4 things: Me, Family, Friends and Food
Mini Stuffed French toast
Now I know food sounds kinda funny placed with the other 3 things but I want to focus on food for a couple of different reasons. I want to focus on myself and my family eating healthier and eating more home cooked meals.
The Goal:  
– I will pre plan the week’s dinners and lunches therefore ensuring we have all things on hand for healthy meals
– I will try a new recipe once a week
– I will have my kids participate in the meal prep – if they help make it then they might be more inclined to eat it and will learn basic cooking skills at the same time)
Although I make friends easily, I tend to not be the best at maintaining friendships.  Not that we have a falling out but I don’t make an effort to stay in contact.  Why, i’m not sure but i’m going to work not that!
The Goal:
– Every month in the next year, I will contact somebody I haven’t spoken to in a long time to reconnect
– I will have friends over once a month for some vino or dinner
– I will initiate a text to each of my close girlfriends at least twice a week
My husband and my kids are my world and I adore them beyond words.  Although I know I’m a good Mom and wife there are many times where I put housework and work before them and I know that I need to get back to being fun Mom more often and spending quality time with my hubby.
The Goal:
– I will let the dishes and housework wait until they are in bed and spend the time outside playing with the kids, reading with them and just doing what they want
– I will make sure that hubby and I have one date night each month
– I will make weekly phone calls to my parents and siblings just to say hi and check in
Now this is where I really fall short.  I don’t tend to take good care of myself, have fallen into being a yoga pant wearing Mama and don’t take the time to do things for me.  I think the last part is probably the hardest as when I don’t take time to make myself look nice, exercise or even take the time to read a book, that all cumulates into me feeling down about myself.
The Goal:
– I will take the time to exercise 5 days a week (heck I can even incorporate the kids into that through bike rides and bringing them when I jog)
– I will purchase one new outfit per month
– I will do my hair and makeup every day (even on the weekend)
– I will eat healthier and drink at least 2 liters of water per day
– I will drink less wine
– I will get a good night’s sleep (at least 5 nights a week)
These are the things I promise to myself over the next year.  Stay tuned so you can hear how I am doing on the quest to be a happier & healthier Andrea in the last year of my 30s :-)  Thanks for reading and feel free to cheer me on from the sidelines!!