How to Clean Your Child’s LEGO Creation Station


legosSometimes you have that “AHA” moment or better yet, what I like to refer to as my moment of brilliance! ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Today’s moment of brilliance is brought to you based on my love/hate relationship with LEGO.

My love for LEGO starts way back when I was a kid and the fond memories of playing LEGO with my brother. ¬†Nowadays my son and daughter love LEGO and although it can be quite the investment, we buy them lots as it’s a great outlet for their creativity, gets them off the electronics and it’s an activity that they can do together.

Now here is where the hate comes in…

photo 2

This is the bane of my existence ‚Ķ my 8 year old son’s LEGO table.

Hours upon hours of creative genius are spent at this table by my son but just imagine how much dust collects on this table amidst every tiny tiny piece.  How does one even begin to clean/dust this?

Here were my cleaning options

1. Take every piece of LEGO off and dust  …. Uhmmm no thanks

2. Take a wet cloth and swipe around the LEGO pieces – Easy enough but no sure it would be very thorough

3. Vacuum the table – End result could be traumatizing for my son and really expensive for Mom & Dad

Option #3 it is!!

¬†Today I vacuumed my son’s LEGO table and it was the best thing I ever did! ¬†Not one LEGO piece was harmed in this cleaning act! TADA

Downy sheet + Elastic band + Vacuum = A dust free LEGO table

As simple as it is, I placed a Downy sheet over the end of the vacuum nozzle and secured it with an elastic band. ¬†Turn the vacuum on and off you go. ¬†Dust and other particles will either go right through the dryer sheet or stick to it. ¬†LEGO of course will stick due to suction but will fall off as soon as you shut the power off. ¬†Presto‚Ķan easy and really effective way to clean your child’s LEGO creation station!

photo 3 photo 4