Thank you Oil of Oregano for Saving my Vacation!


Many people I know are huge advocates of using Oil of Oregano to ward off sickness but despite their praise of the product, I have never bought a bottle in my life.  Until now….


A few weeks ago we were leaving on a family vacation to Cuba at 6:20 am.  Rewind to 16 hours before when we get a call from my son’s school that we need to come get him because he’s in the office vomiting.  Now I will admit that my first thought was not “Oh no I hope he’s okay” but more of a “crap we fly out first thing tomorrow morning”.  Not my best maternal moment but hey we all have them.

Panic mode kicks in and I debate secluding him to his room to keep the germs away from his sister, Daddy and myself.  We opt for sending my daughter to my Moms for a few hours to reduce her exposure and hubby and I turn to a lot of sanitizer and clorox wipes and a whole lot of hoping and praying. My Mom drops off my daughter with a bottle of Oil of Oregano in hand and urges me to get everyone to take it. My daughter takes it down pretty well chased by some apple juice and my hubby shakes, gags and complains like I’ve just given him poison.

By morning my son is good to go and we’re off for some fun in the sun!! There were a couple incidents of vomiting on the plane, which we let the other passengers chalk up to motion sickness, but after a quick nap, once we land in Cuba his colour has returned and he can’t wait to swim and have fun.

Well the fun ended for some pretty quickly. My husband got sick our first night and my daughter the next afternoon. Now we were traveling with my daughters BFF and her family. By the 3rd day they went down with the stomach flu one by one. In the end, 7 out of the 8 of us ended up with a brutal stomach flu while on vacation! Not what we envisioned but it was what it was. Who was the 1 out of 8 that didn’t get sick you ask? Well that would be me!! Like all good children, I listened to my Mom and took the Oil of oregano about 5 times a day. I was surrounded by the germs and sickness everywhere I turned!  I honestly think there is no other reason why I didn’t catch it other than my new found obsession with Oil of Oregano!  So I say thank you Oil of Oregano (and Mom) for saving my vacation!!

Now i’m not going to say that this stuff tastes great because truly it does not BUT it works!!  For kids (or husbands) make sure you have a chaser of juice to help them avoid the burning after you take it but I honestly have to say that this is the my new fave thing to ward off illness this season!! IMG_8064