Yep That’s me Rockin’ out in my Mini Van!

Our family loves to listen to music!  Our neighbours must think we’re nuts as we dance around our house and sing into whatever we can find (fly swatters, hair brushes, shoes, etc…).  Now our singing is not just limited to behind the closed doors of our house.  We also love to rock out in our mini van!  Like really, who wouldn’t?!  Mini Vans scream rockin’ out right?

I don’t mind the stares and laughs as people beside me at a stoplight look over and see me air guitaring, singing into a straw or waving my hands in the air.  The other day I got the thumbs up from an older gentleman that was beside us and I just smiled and carried on with my Katy Perry impersonation!  Now I will admit I have got some weird looks like i’d lost my mind or needed some sort of therapy but I laugh and feel sorry for the boring person in the car next to me.  lol

Our kids love music, love to sing and play instruments and I know that they will remember these fun moments in the car when they are older and likely will do the same with their kids.  So cheers to all you parents that think rockin’ out in your mini van is where it’s at!

Here are some of my fave videos of the kids loving their music…

This is my little man a couple of years ago but I just love this video!  He is king of the Robot!

Our little Diva in the making rockin’ out on the Wii to the Beibs  in her monkey jammies!

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